Organizations understand the critical urgency of creating a workplace environment where employees feel energized each day to do their best work. That’s why we’re hearing so much about the importance of the employee experience.

This also is driving demand for a new category of technology – Employee Communications Management.

Joelle Kaufman, the CMO of Dynamic Signal, offers three ways that leveraging new Employee Communications Management solutions can have a direct, measurable impact on your company culture.

Making Your Culture Real
It gives you the opportunity to recognize people who are representing the culture. For instance, the CEO can highlight people who are living your company values. It can be as easy as taking a short video, snapping some pictures, or telling a quick story. That’s how you make the culture real. It’s not just words on a wall. They become living, breathing examples. When it comes to culture, it’s not enough to tell. You have to show.

Identifying Engagement Hotspots
Instead of using the peanut butter method, where you spread the same information to everyone, you get much better results when you can target content to employees – especially those who are less engaged. Everything changes when you start asking the question ‘Why?’ Why aren’t employees getting information? Why isn’t it resonating? Why don’t they feel connected to the company culture? Finding the answers to those questions begins by measuring who is receiving information, and if they’re interacting with it. Company culture suffers when people are feeling left out and feel like they don’t know what’s going on.

Building a Sense of Community
It’s not just about the company talking to employees. It’s about employees building camaraderie with each other and developing enthusiasm from the ground up that contributes to the company culture. It’s about creating a team feeling. People stay at jobs, overwhelmingly, because they like their coworkers. They need to feel not only informed but also connected with one another in a way that isn’t noisy and chaotic. That way, they know they’re all pulling together in the same direction.

When all of this happens, and employees feel valued, it’s naturally reflected in their attitudes about the workplace, Kaufman added. Their level of passion grows. Their opinion of leadership improves. They’re more likely to become advocates for the company on social media and recommend it to others as a great place to work.

That’s how Employee Communications Management helps organizations create a healthy culture.