• Cat Graham

Why Your Startup Needs HR

Updated: May 31, 2019

In a recent FastCompany article, “This Is Why Your Startup Plan Needs To Include HR”, author Courtney Seiter-Buffer shares that startups which often go without HR, should consider hiring HR consultants from the onset to architect workspaces and people teams of which employees want to be a part. The article goes through a number of reasons why you should start with HR, but the number one reason is that you want to succeed.

HR can align your people strategies with your culture strategies

How you set up a people team structure is a very important decision. You want it to be scalable, flexible and make cultural sense. As you identify the qualities you want in your executive team, your managers and what life should live like at your company, an HR consultant can help you design and plan the organization that aligns with your goals. Depending on your industry, if you are a scrum or agile environment, if you plan on having an open office plan or not, these too can factor into your people team structures.

An HR consultant can help you achieve a culture of coaching and people development, mentorship and reverse mentorship and a respectful environment where questions can be asked and feedback shared in real time. Well beyond the semi-annual measurement tools that can be designed by the HR consultant, a participatory culture can be achieved in alignment with your people strategies.

HR can help you define your MVV (and yes, you need one!)

Bersin by Deloitte named the top reason employees feel disengaged at their company; they have no idea what the company’s vision or mission is, and cannot articulate its non-monetary goals. When a company has a clear mission, vision and value set (MVV), everyone connects and can articulate these to anyone they meet. Candidates, colleagues, and clients immediately have a sense of engagement with the company’s valued-added propositions. With trust, clear expectations, a productive team environment, known development opportunities and transparency, coupled with consistent communications support, a highly-engaged workforce emerges. MVV is the platform from which all of this is established. A strong HR consultant can develop an MVV workshop to help you cultivate yours and share it in a meaningful way.


A strong HR consultant can help any startup develop cost effective ways of rewarding its employees. Compensation structures including creative benefits and reward and recognition programs to variable compensation and balanced scorecard programs will enhance performance and align with profits. Much of this can seem scary to startups. The right HR consultant can partner with you to take the fear away and ensure you are compliant and creative all at once. You can motivate your staff, compete for top talent without breaking the bank.


Getting the right people is critical especially to startups. Diminishing the risk and creating the long-term benefits for the right talent is essential. Even more important for the startup is making the right hires, as there is no time for mistakes. Here is where the right HR consultant is critical. One who has a master network can provide all the offers, non-disclosures, and documentation you need, as well as guide you through all the right selection techniques you should use. Talent is king, and this is where you can really benefit from an exceptional partner.

The Rest

The right consultant can even help you with your internal communications, external announcements, financial systems, and general ledger set up, payroll, project management software selection, and more. Selecting the right partner can go a long way in terms of saving time, money, and avoiding costly mistakes. You hire a lawyer when you need one, consider hiring the right team when you need one too. Cheer Partners offers all these services and can be your support team for short or long term projects with the breadth and depth of experience you need to succeed.