• Cat Graham

What’s Your Story? An Inside Look at Our Team

Updated: May 31, 2019

We all know picking a major in college can be tough, because who really knows what they want to do for the rest of their life? The same goes for finding your way in the working world after graduation.

A Forbes study stated that 62% of college grads get a job requiring a college degree but that only 22.3% get a job actually related to their major. At Cheer Partners, we value our employees’ unique histories, integrity and diverse skill sets enabling us to work with dozens of clients across multiple industries. We are honest and transparent in our methods with both our clients and our employees, and continuously promote a culture of inclusion that always stems from our core values. Read some of our team’s stories and see what attracted them to join our Cheer Partners team.

MATTHEW GARAWITZ (Associate) The path that led Matthew to Cheer Partners was far from planned. After graduating college with a business degree, Matthew–a logical thinker– knew he wanted to apply his skills for writing and creativity to his future work (did you know he has written his first novel?) After a brief stint in real estate, Matthew was introduced to Cheer Partners by a colleague who recognized his aptitude for writing and storytelling. Matthew jumped at the chance, and Cheer recognized the unique value he could offer. For Matthew, this gave him the opportunity to join a team that values personal growth and transparency as much as he did. His enthusiasm is infectious and he loves new challenges.

EMILY MILLER (Associate, Talent Division) Emily followed a different path to Cheer Partners. After graduation and a brief time in the banking industry, she recognized her relationship skills and passion for helping people achieve their goals. A colleague introduced her to the unique culture of Cheer Partners, and she fell in love with the remotely connected aspects of the team. Emily transitioned into her role in Talent with the support of a new hire buddy, her manager and one on one training. Emily says, “Working with the team at Cheer is so rewarding. We proactively support each other, share weekly educational learnings and live our core values of gratitude and diversity every day. I love my work and see myself growing and learning here for quite a while.” Emily embodies the Cheer Partners client-focused mindset.

OLIVIA GRAHAM (Senior Associate, Marketing Lead) After graduation, Olivia took a job as an Assistant Account Executive in the public relations industry because she was passionate about storytelling and working in a team environment. Olivia quickly mastered the brand creative, diversity and inclusion and internal communications work, allowing her natural talents to shine. Olivia then joined Cheer Partners as a Senior Associate and Cheer’s Marketing Lead to continue her personal and career growth. She is thriving in our inclusive culture and works directly with clients continuing to build her expertise in employee communications.

ALI FRISCHMAN (Senior Associate) Ali’s path to Cheer was exceptionally unique. She began her career as a teacher to students in underserved communities. After a few years in education, she could no longer ignore her ultimate goal of moving to NYC and heard about opportunities in public relations from a colleague. She gained invaluable experience working with a Fortune 50 company. A born educator, Ali discovered her true passion was actually a combination of corporate communications and education: corporate training. She joined Cheer Partners as Senior Associate of Learning and Development. Now, Ali demonstrates her training prowess by helping clients with management, interviewing, coaching and numerous other disciplines, delighting them every day. Ali loves having found the opportunity to be genuinely passionate about her career and a team that supports her education and growth. Cheers to you Ali!

These stories are only a small part of what makes Cheer Partners so great. We all live our core values of honesty, integrity, transparency, diversity, inclusion and gratitude every day and stay connected within our remote culture. We understand that success is not always driven by what you know, but what you can learn. We are all works in progress. Being able to learn, adapt and being open to new experiences can help you find opportunities that you may have never known existed.