• Lisa Fedrizzi

We are Human Resources

We are the ones who work on policies, advise and coach, help others on their professional path, advocate for employees, lead the culture, train the trainers, take charge of employee communications and lead the employee experience.

Our days are sometimes spent walking someone through managing up their career; sometimes, it's lending a shoulder to cry on because personal circumstances are overwhelming and affecting their work. How do we as HR practitioners decompress from the day? How do we walk employees through the best experience possible and still find the balance to help ourselves? Who do we talk to when we are having that day that we need the support we typically provide?

Here’s how you can be a better resource for your organization, by making sure that you take care of your wellness and employee experience.

  • You are HUMAN, too! Use your employee assistance program to make those calls for yourself if you need them. It doesn’t make you any less of a stellar practitioner, it just makes you a smarter one.

  • Rediscover your passion! Always remember why you do what you do.

  • Spend time discovering your vision for growth, not just for you, but for your organization as well.

  • Continue to empower yourself each day. Take the time to take webinars and learnings to help you continue to grow your experience.

  • Have those open conversations with your manager to discuss where you are and how your experience is comparing to your colleagues.

  • Recognize when you’re taking things too personally when speaking to employees. While we play the role of counselor, therapist and friend, we cannot allow it to affect how we handle situations.

Being balanced does not mean we forget why we do what we do. It means that we get to be a part of someone’s journey, which in turn enhances our journey. Keep your passion, walk the halls, be the face that encourages a positive experience and in return, you will find that you will maintain a better balance of who you are and the resources that you provide.

After all, we are human resources!