• Cat Graham

Three Cheers for Our Rotational Program

Updated: May 31, 2019

Picture this: you are fresh out of college, get hired at a fantastic company, but have no idea which part of the business best suits you. This was my situation just three short months ago. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to make a hard decision on my role. Cheer Partners allowed me the opportunity to test out each area of their business: Learning and Development (L&D), Talent and Employee Communications (EC) as part of their new rotational program.

It was amazing getting to work with each team and when Cheer Partners asked for feedback, the only improvement I could think of was wishing I’d had an extra week to learn all their systems before starting. I found that Cheer Partners’ employees, despite being remote, constantly communicate between different teams and leadership levels to provide the best services possible. As Cheer Partners’ first Rotational Associate, my overall goal was to learn and discover new skills while integrating with each team. I managed to grow my abilities on many levels and learned ways to continue improving.

My first role was with the Learning and Development team. Cheer Partners’ L&D team works diligently to create informative and educational presentations and courses for clients on many different topics, such as Sexual Harassment Prevention and Giving and Receiving Feedback, to help clients provide and support meaningful growth and development. I had the opportunity to assist with researching certain topics, restructuring Power Points and even sitting in on multiple presentations. I learned quickly that each day was different, that the work was always evolving and that it’s always a good idea to have a list of questions ready. My researching skills definitely improved thanks to the teams’ guidance. I was also surprised by how much the L&D team desired my honest feedback about the work, valuing my opinions even though I was still “the new guy”. They always told clients what they needed to hear, even if it wasn’t what they wanted to hear.

My second rotation was spent with the Talent team, which searches for and acquires exceptional candidates for our clients’ open roles. They serve as the gate keepers, helping find potential applicants who best fit positions in terms of both experience and personality. Working with Talent, I sourced many different people with varying skillsets. The Talent team was very supportive, making sure to include me in their own calls and worked to grow my confidence so that I could eventually handle each task on my own. Leading my first interview as the interviewer was certainly not something I expected from my first job, but it was definitely memorable. It was amazing to see the team’s commitment to sourcing talent, combing through hundreds of potential candidates per week looking for that one perfect person. The team was sharing profiles and resumes nonstop, never slowing down or losing steam.

Employee Communications was my final destination as a Rotational Associate. This team focuses on enhancing communications for our clients through our dedicated people-focused lens. I started by researching potential clients to give us a better understanding of who they were: their strengths, areas of opportunity and more. My role quickly expanded into helping write year-end reviews for clients to display their progress and innovations over the past year. Trying to construct a story that demonstrated what clients were currently doing and trying to do better was a challenge, but thanks to the encouragement of the EC team, I believe that my ability to communicate information has grown exceptionally. The EC team is committed to its work and always trying to be more effective at solving problem.

Cheer Partners has managed to create a virtual environment where employees are able to communicate effectively to produce their best work. The L&D, Talent and EC teams all love the work they do and use Cheer Partners’ core values as a guide to ensure not only client satisfaction, but personal satisfaction as well. I found that my strengths were best at breaking information down and making it easy to understand. I also found that converting this information into an attractive story format was something I still struggled with but am confident that with the supportive nature of Cheer Partners, my skills will continue to grow.