• Cat Graham

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire an Employee Communications Agency

Updated: May 31, 2019

You may think you don’t need an employee communications agency. Maybe you think you are too small to hire an agency, or can handle everything with your internal team. To succeed in the marketplace, you need to succeed in the workplace.  That starts with engaging employees. Trust, transparency, culture, inclusion all must be nurtured to support scaling the company. Internal communications is creating the narrative you share with your employees. It is the underpinning of purpose, empowerment, retention, commitment and advocacy. Your communications team has several initiatives. To make sure internal communications remains a priority, you should engage a specialist agency.

1. Dedicated focus

While your team has multiple priorities, the internal communications agency has a singular focus; to engage your employees with meaningful, well timed, communications that live where the employees live. Taking the time to ensure your employees are functioning well will in turn improve the quality of work that they are creating. This dedicated focus allows your team to offload the heavy lift confidently to the agency. 

2. Businesses are more complex than ever

As organizations has become more complex,  internal communication has become increasingly specialized with a focus on employee engagement. Organizations with multiple levels between employee functions should emphasize the use of internal communication to keep the overall business functioning towards a unified purpose.  Employees want to understand what’s happening at their company, and how it impacts them. An enterprise wide message being shared with the overall employee population can keep from rumors or unease in times of change.  Using an agency can also help distill complex information that will resonate with specific teams, and the company at large. 

3. Maximize Resources

In a study conducted by Inside IC researchers found that one third of internal communicators have annual budgets of less than $10,000. Meanwhile when allocated appropriately, offering agency support to internal communications can have a huge positive impact on a business. The right agency partner will work within your budget, from a project basis to ongoing retained support. Companies with “highly engaged workforces” are typically outperforming their competitors. Here are some selling points to show the value of internal communications.

4. Independent Thinking

They are not employees, they are independent resources. They are not involved in the day to day of the company and maintain a high level view. They will ask tough questions to find the best solution, and present fresh approaches. Independent thinking will also inspire your team to be more creative and consider what is possible. This independent approach is often the key to unlocking solutions to employee communications and engagement strategies. They will get to know your business, but they will have the “outside in” perspective to level set for inclusiveness.  It is the basis of effective internal communications strategies.

5. Experience that Matters

Agencies bring vast experience. Agency teams have worked with hundreds of clients across all markets and sectors. They have case studies showcasing success. An agency also often will share the competitive landscape to illustrate what resonates with employees in a specific industry or region. This deep experience leads to best practices. It also brings novel approaches. Agencies also bring measurement tools to the table.  These allow strategies to be implemented quicker, and programs to be more impactful and engaging. Work with an agency you view as a true partner, with a dedicated focus on people. The results will exceed your expectations.