• Lisa Fedrizzi

The Future Of Talent

Talent sourcing is a competitive sport. Imagine this… Kevin Durant is actively looking for his next ideal opportunity. Three companies are all vying for him. How do we as a company convince him that we are exactly what he is looking for? How is the future of talent sourcing impacting our role and how do we snag that champion and MVP?

While we have all heard that AI can play an important role in sourcing candidates and taking away the administrative function of the search for me, it loses the opportunity to really find the right candidate. Don’t get me wrong, AI is where the future lies, but I prefer not to fall back on buzz words on a resume as you can lose out on some incredible talent. Imagine AI following Kevin Durant’s career based on points and statistics? You would miss out on his excellent passing and floor spacing because it cannot pick up on his skills and intangibles with data sets no matter how advanced they are.

So, where do I think the future of talent is headed? The ever-evolving candidate experience. This is not simply the hiring process or interview process, but it begins with the initial outreach and how you close their experience. Think of your role as that of a concierge.

How can you make those improvements and be the change that candidates will talk about in a positive manner?

  • Candidate Identified: Don’t send a generic email from your applicant tracking system. Take a few minutes to really personalize the note. If you’re setting up an interview, send a confirmation/calendar invite. Send a reminder the evening before and most of all be understanding if they have to cancel because of client responsibilities/emergencies.

  • Pre-Interview: Create a 60 second video on why people love working at your company. Share that with your candidate ahead of their interview. It will personalize your company! Send them the names of who they will be meeting with.

  • Welcome: Have your receptionist be a part of the experience! They are the first face that your candidate sees! Let them know its ok to address the candidate by first name. Make them feel comfortable as if they are already part of our family.

  • Never: Leave the candidate waiting for 30 minutes in a conference room alone because calendars changed. Confirm with the interview team that morning.

  • Amenities: Have water and perhaps candy in the interview room prior to the candidate being brought in.

  • Interview: Train your team on interviewing! Make sure the questions are relevant, make sure that the candidate is given the time to talk and go through their capabilities. Don’t make this more than 2 rounds of interviews. As I mentioned earlier, this is a competitive sport after all!

  • Post Interview: Make sure you supply the candidate with everyone’s contact information (just in case they forgot their business cards). Ask them if they have any other questions you may be able to answer for them. Walk them out. I know, sounds simple enough, right? Walking someone out shows how much you care about their experience and appreciate their time.

  • Responsiveness: If the team decides not to move on, do let the candidate know within 48 hours. Ghosting is never acceptable for a company. If they are not sure yet and need more time, be mindful and let the candidate know. Again, competitive market out there.

Think about ways you can change your candidate’s experience and make them feel part of your company from your initial outreach. Perspective employees want to be part of a company that they feel engages their employees, values their opinions and sees them as an added value to the culture of the company.

You are your own brand ambassador. Always remember that you have sat on the opposite side of the interview table. When you keep that reminder in the back of your mind you are able to understand things from your interviewees perspective and can make the experience positive and worthwhile for both of you.

So, in the end, did you get Kevin Durant by changing your candidate experience? My guess is that you did!