• Cat Graham

Question of the Week – a Cheer Partners Panel

Here at Cheer Partners, we value every employee’s voice and opinion. Our belief in sharing knowledge and helping each other grow has manifested itself in our regular blog series. Every member of the Cheer team has the opportunity to write their own pieces as frequently as possible and share them both internally and across our sites.

For the month of January, we have decided to create our own Cheer Panel with the leadership team. This is an opportunity to ask our Managing Partner and Directors the questions that are inspiring them as we enter a new month, new year and new decade! 2019 was a year of immense growth for our organization; now is the perfect time to reflect on what 2020 can bring!

What is your vision for Cheer Partners and the Employee Experience in 2020?

Cat: I think we will see three trends in Employee Experience in 2020:

  • Deeper metrics and analytics.

  • The role of purpose-driven leaders will need to be crafted intentionally, and communicated clearly and regularly.

  • Reinforcing employee experience and candidate experience through trust.

Carrie: We hope to help people understand that everything is a communication, in fact, we often counsel that no communication is actually the loudest communication. It is table stakes that you will join a company for their place in the industry and what you hope to contribute to their work. However, the intangible reason someone becomes an employee is the feeling they get when they walk through the door, the energy they feel as they walk the hallways and the desire they have to come back the next day.

Lisa: That we will continue to help bridge the gap in the onboarding experience and the day-to-day experience, as well as overall internal communications for employees. We are here to help foster that change and I believe that our creativity, our experience and our voice will continue to extend to companies who value and put value on each employee that makes a difference at their company.

Please stay tuned throughout this month for additional Questions of the Week with Cat, Carrie and Lisa!