• Lisa Fedrizzi

Pride and Inclusiveness at Work

Pride month is here! The display of pride for equality and inclusivity is louder this month than all others. It’s a month of celebrating achievements, victories (small and large) for everyone in the LGBTQ+ who has faced adversity, discrimination and loss of their rights.

Companies and government offices raise flags, change their logos on social media, add rainbows to their places of business in solidarity, but what happens after Pride month? What can you do as a company to ensure that all of your employees feel inclusive?

  • Training: Invest in training. Employees from entry level to C-suite should have ongoing training that shows how to foster an environment of inclusiveness and how to address any homophobia and transphobia in the office. Bring in a D&I expert to deliver the training!

  • Respect: Have an open dialogue and understand that respect goes a long way. You are hiring the right candidate to do the job. It is not based on how they are addressed or the lifestyle they lead. Do not make assumptions about gender.

  • Support: Be sure to show support for your employee. When hiring a person from LGBTQ+ community be mindful that while some transgendered employees have a gender identity there are those that do not and are considered non-binary. They should be able to dress, live and have their gender respected at work. Safe spaces such as bathrooms should be respected in your inclusive environment as well.

  • Policies: Are your policies inclusive? Be specific on how your discrimination policies are written. Does your HC Plan provide equivalent benefits for partners?

  • Values Statement: Does your EVP, MMV or Mission statement reflect equality in your organization?

  • Committee: Consider creating a LGBTQ+ committee/resource group to help your HR department identify opportunities and keep it open to all employees.

  • Talent Sourcing: Reach out LGBTQ+ professional organizations and cultivate new relationships that will open up a pipeline of candidates.

Employees should always be treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and be able to contribute fully to the company’s success and continued growth.

Selisse Berry, Out & Equal Executive Director said, "I believe that no one should ever have to choose between a career we love and living our lives with authenticity and integrity.”

Selisse couldn’t be more right! Having a diverse and inclusive workplace starts with you.

Be that change!