• Carrie Goldstein

Pause: This Blog Post Comes with Homework

Before you read this post, block your calendar for the next 30 minutes, even mark it out of office. Shut your office door, silence your cell phone and computer and be prepared to turn your monitor off when you are done. To add to the upcoming experience, I would also suggest a blank notebook, favorite pen and favorite music.


Because sometimes you need time and space to think. No, not on any particular topic, not to solve an issue at home or work or make another to do list. Just to think.

I’ve always said I can plan my entire life on an airplane (especially before they had TVs and wi-fi). On a plane, you are suspended between two worlds, you are unable to communicate, and you are forced to space out. So many of my life’s plans and pivots where created and considered while traveling.

But life is busier and travel now has its available distractions, so when and where can you make the time to think without thinking? For some, they are able to find that time during a commute, a trip, space they create before the world wakes or after their house is asleep. But for those who need to schedule the time to pause, I want to gift it to your here.

Doodle in the notebook, play a round of “what if”, ask yourself the harder questions, set aspirational goals and set intentions for reaching them.

Did you know there are 168 hours in every week?

You know in your heart and in your head that both your personal and professional life can give you 30 minutes once a week to pause and do your homework. Without it, you are living life by default, instead of by design.

Now that you have taken this gift, my hope is that you will gift it to someone else who may need to hear that you take this time and encourage them to do same.

Time to Get Started!