• Cat Graham

Mondays With A Purpose

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Guest blog written by Carolina Garcia, Corporate and Internal Communications Strategist at


I strongly believe in empowering people and actively try to mitigate unfulfilled potential. When your employees go to work on a Monday morning with a feeling of depression and wishing for Friday again, they are certainly not putting all their effort and energy in the work they are doing.

We spend the biggest part of our day at work, our office it’s our second home and the main goal is to build a happy everywhere we call home, with a great environment where everyone feels welcome.

So how can you build a happy office? It doesn’t matter if it’s Monday, Tuesday or Friday, if your employees know their purpose at work and the impact of what they do, they will have the drive to deliver better energy and results. With a well-defined purpose, they have a reason to do some less interesting tasks because they know that this tasks will lead to a bigger goal.

Communicate with your employees. Let them know that they play a key role within their team and in the organization. Include the employees in goal setting and be very clear about the goals for that month or for the coming months. Give constructive feedback and help them improve. Ask them for feedback. Be available and show them that you are all working together.

Autonomy and flexibility are also important. This way, if you give your employees freedom to handle great results under their own methods and respecting their “when”, because some people work better in the early morning and others have their most productive work at late hours.

Engaged employees are able to run the extra mile and put all their effort in their work because they love what they do and are really committed with the company.

After a weekend away from work (which is extremely helpful in order to disconnect and reenergize yourself), a Monday morning should be cheered. It’s a new beginning and, as all new beginnings, it should be celebrated.

How to have a great Monday morning in the office:

  • Promote physical activity to energize your team for the day ahead.

  • Reflect on the achievements from the previous week and cheer your employees – celebrate the little wins!

  • Start with a kick-off meeting to let everyone know what are the priorities for that week and to be updated with everyone’s work – communication is the key.

  • Have a more informal coffee in which everyone can chat and tell their colleagues how their weekend was – let them build relationships.