• Will Zesiger

Harnessing the Power of Video

If you’re a communicator reading this blog, odds are you’re a pretty good writer. Whether it’s writing blogs, emails, newsletters, press releases, internal articles or social posts, you’re most likely writing every single day. It’s absolutely foundational to what we do. With this in mind, I want to suggest that there is a new “must-have” communications skill that each of us should be well-versed in: video creation.

We all know how engaging videos are. Whether it’s binging a Netflix show, going down a YouTube rabbit hole, or watching TikTok for an hour, we’ve all experienced how effective video content is at grabbing our attention. With Gen Z primarily consuming video content, it’s likely that video content will be equally or more important in the workplace than written content within the next 10 years.

Although communicators are regularly incorporating video content into their strategies, not many of us are actually familiar with the process of creating and editing videos. Typically, communicators rely on in-house video specialists or outside consultants. While this is understandable and necessary for some projects, there is a huge opportunity for more communicators to get involved with smaller-scale video initiatives.

Even though it may appear to be intimidating on the surface, creating video content is actually much simpler than many people realize. For example, in the summer of 2020, we released our first video series about the importance of employee engagement, which received high engagement across all of our social channels. One of the best parts? It was very easy to make! With smartphones in virtually every employee’s pocket, everyone can be a video creator. Using cellphone cameras/webcams and a teammate with a basic video editing background, we were able to make a highly successful video series!

Seeing how successful our employee engagement video series was, we decided to launch a weekly video series focusing on International Women’s Day (IWD) in January 2021. The series featured several female leaders from around the world and highlighted the importance of gender parity in the workplace in the run-up to IWD on March 8th. It was a huge success!

Although writing will still dominate communications for the foreseeable future, I’m certain video skills will become increasingly necessary for all communicators. That’s why at Cheer Partners, we’re doubling down on video by training all of our employees in the basics of video editing this year. How has video impacted your strategy this year?