• Olivia Graham

Crafting Your Dream Desk at Home

We find ourselves in the midst of a particularly overwhelming time. For those of us who are accustomed to working from home, the transition wasn’t so much of a challenge, but for a lot of people, their whole routine has shifted. The nature of this current situation requires us to be flexible and adapt to our new “normal”. It is completely okay to feel frustrated, but there are some major benefits to getting to work from home. Whether you are hunkering down with family or a roommate, or in a spot of your very own, you can build your workspace to support your health and that will be key to productivity.

One of my favorite ways to do this is by embracing the fact that whatever place I have to do my work is all mine to design with whatever influences me to do my best work. For me, this all starts with a candle. One of my mentors shared with me her practice of lighting the candle in the morning when she starts work and blowing it out at the end of the day as a ritual to symbolize shifting your day or space from work to personal time.

I am also a sucker for a great mug, that I am constantly refilling with tea. Next to that, you will find my planner filled with notes that came up during the day. In times of extra change, I like to write notes for myself to stay organized because the deliverables or the schedule for the day can change so quickly, this helps me avoid letting things fall through the cracks. If I can, I like to have this all set up at a desk near an outlet facing a window or some natural light. This way I can keep my laptop plugged in and sip my tea while looking at trees or listening to birds, a nice way to help clear my head or spark creativity in between projects.

Finally, the key to my perfect workspace all lies in the playlist of the day. Some people focus better with a quiet background, but I love to jam out to some quiet music when I am zoned in on a task. Music is also proven to help boost our mood and keep us feeling positive, which can help stay motivated to get through your day. The best part is, since this space is your own- you can design it to best fit your needs. Whether that is quiet, neat, overflowing with plants, or photos of vacations you plan to go on when this is all over. Embrace your space and design the desk that is going to make your day even just 5% better, because believe it or not, you do have the power to do that.