• Emily Miller

Building a Culture of Learning; The Benefits of Employee Development

Building a culture where learning and trying new things should be an integral part of every organization. Employees everywhere deserve the chance to further their education through their role with you. A learning culture means that all levels of employees and leadership are expected and encouraged to branch out. It can range from learning a new skill or program, to leading a new initiative for the first time. Here is a list of tried and true ways your organization can inspire learning and knowledge sharing.

  • Knowledge Sharing: Chances are, everyone at your organization has his or her own unique skill set and abilities. Utilize each other with internal knowledge sharing opportunities so that everyone can learn from each other. Try monthly or quarterly sessions where a different colleague leads their team in a new learning every time.

  • Allow for Stretch Opportunities: One of the best ways to learn is by doing. Instead of having the same folks run the same tasks every time they arise, try giving your other colleagues the ability to learn. Stretch opportunities instill a learning culture by allowing every teammate the chance to try something new and perhaps learn a new passion.

  • Internal L&D: If your organization doesn’t already have an L&D lead, consider implementing a new program with consistent learning direction. Ranging from intangibles like Emotional Intelligence and Managing Up, to tangible learnings like Microsoft Office or online programs – dedicated time to learning industry tasks and ideas is a great investment in your team.

  • External Resources: There are numerous external resources for learning, ranging from LinkedIn Learning, to YouTube tutorials, to educational programming. Think about the type of learnings and curriculums that could suit your team and how to accomplish that with external resources.

Opportunities for advancement are created by learning new skills and expanding your current capabilities. Advancement and learning opportunities are a critical part of retention and employee satisfaction. Building a learning culture can lead to the development of new programming and resources and even new roles for your team! What will you learn today?