• Aidan Willner

Building a Championship Organization

A well-run company operates just like a championship-contending sports team. In business, it really does take a village to create a thriving, high-functioning brand. In order to take a company to the next level where they are achieving on all fronts, the entire roster of employees must be working together and feel united by a common sense of purpose. A championship team is the embodiment of this idea. Every player on the roster, the coaching staff, the owners and the general managers in the front office must remain focused on the final objective: winning a championship. Only by doing this will a team or company achieve the success they strive for.

To break this idea down, let’s draw some comparisons between the members of these different types of organizations. There are many important roles to play but on a sports team, it begins with the star player. You need your franchise star player to embody the team and company’s values in order to lead the entire roster and organization. This is the CEO of your company, who sets the tone for everyone else to follow. Then you have the rest of the starters on the roster. These are veteran teammates who have proven themselves and have gained experience over the years. These players are the executive team of your company. They are right alongside your CEO, supporting and advising while acting as additional leaders of their respective departments.

Then comes the coaching staff, these are leaders in their own right who help the entire team improve and maintain focus on the goals at hand. In many ways, the head coach is like a high functioning HR and internal communications department. The HR department offers the coaching element, helping your players or employees improve their skills and feel supported. Additionally, internal communications allows your team to remain focused on the main objective while understanding the values of the organization. This ensures that your team can stay motivated and goal-oriented.

The rest of the roster consists of players coming off the bench. These players make up the depth of your team. This is essentially the bulk of your company’s workforce- employees who are on the ground day in and day out, making all the little things happen. If you don’t have team members contributing in this way then your starting line-up is going to get tired and can only carry the team for so long. Similarly, if your executive teams' departments aren’t functioning, then the company is not able to operate.

In the best companies, each piece or department of the organization is supporting the others. It is only in this way that a company can truly thrive and reach its full potential. So much goes into a successful organization and it’s important to remember that everyone has a role to play no matter how small it may appear.