• Cat Graham

5 Tips for Working Remote

Most everyone in non-essential jobs is working remotely these days. For some, it was an easy transition, for others more challenging. Not everyone has practical space at home in which to work, and may feel isolation, stress and loneliness. Someone once said, “Good abs start in the kitchen,” so I am kicking off my advice with nutrition.

  • Be sure to plan your meals to make healthy choices and not snack like a weekend. While you are at home, you are also working, so planning your shopping and your meals is critical to your success. Invest in an electric tea kettle to keep the caffeine going, plan your meals around having leftovers for easy access. Take the time during your lunch break not to eat at your desk. Good nutrition is important when working remotely.

  • Plan a workspace that is only for work. Try and carve out a space that has light, outlets, good wifi reception and everything you need to successfully work remotely. If it is an open space, have somewhere to put your dogs and let your family know when you are working; they need to use headphones when streaming videos or shows. Those boundaries matter.

  • Personalize the remote engagement with your colleagues. Set up virtual happy hours, and individual virtual coffees. Use video as often as you can. Start a chat channel on your instant messenger platform for the fun stories coming out of remote working. Choose a fun Zoom background. The more you make it fun, the less lonely you will feel.

  • Set up a ritual to start and end your day; it could be listening to a podcast or lighting a candle. Honor these rituals as a way to not have work and home blend, but to be separate.

  • Practice self-care. Get in exercise, breaks and stretches. Balance your calendar to include work bursts and micro-breaks. The impression some people have in working remotely is that you are always on. Give yourself some guidance that works for you and your colleagues to get things right, not just done.

Successfully working from home takes planning and discipline. Share your tips and tricks with your newly remote colleagues and keep the conversation going. Personalizing the remote working experience will help you achieve a successful transition.