This year’s International Women’s Day theme of #BalanceforBetter couldn’t be more aligned with my hope for a more gender-balanced world in the workplace, government and society at large.

As a woman and healthcare communicator with a passion for yoga, the word balance brings to mind a medical term that’s often used in yoga called proprioception – the perception or awareness of the body’s position, motion and equilibrium.

In a continuous feedback loop, proprioceptive senses provide the brain and muscles with information that allows us to move freely or react rapidly without having to consciously think about our environment. In other words, it’s the sensory system that aids the body with maintaining stability and balance – for instance, while running on an uneven surface – due to an awareness of our orientation to gravity and the external forces acting upon the body.

I’d like to imagine a gender-balanced world where we could all tap into our collective proprioceptive awareness to allow for a more fluid freedom of movement and balance of power between men and women within all areas of society, industries and economies. It’s the intention that I’m setting for myself and others this March 8th. Because, like in yoga, being asymmetrical and unbalanced only can lead to stress, strain and ultimately, injury.

– Carol Ready is a Senior Director of Strategic Communications with Cheer Partners. She’s also a certified Vinyasa Flow and Restorative yoga instructor and is in the midst of earning her 500-hour certification.