More than ever, employees are seeking learning, development and growth opportunities within organizations. As the battle for top talent becomes more competitive, employee training and development programs are more important than ever – and Cheer Partners is here to help.

It’s not just about retention. Employee training and development programs directly impact your bottom line.

According to SHRM, the link between learning and business success is compelling. “Companies that learn fastest and adapt well to changing environments perform the best over time,” says Edward Hess, a professor of business administration and author.

Cheer Partners proudly delivers a wide range of employee trainings, each customizable to your unique needs and desires. Some of our featured* trainings:


  • Sensitivity, Harassment & Unconscious Bias Training
  • Time to Manage Time
  • Leadership for Adults
  • Management Mastery
  • Mentorship Matters
  • What Makes Management in Agencies Different


  • Deep expertise in developing employees through short-term, personalized one-on-one coaching.
  • We partner with HR, coachees and their supervisors to design specialized programs that benefit the entire organization.

The Gallup Organization found that companies with successfully engage employees experienced up to

240% MORE

outcomes than organizations
that did not.

*We are always looking to expand our offerings and will partners with you to create trainings that are tailored to you and your teams. Cheer Partners also offer Sexual Harassment Prevention training to ensure you are legally compliant and supporting a fair and equitable workplace.

Learn how we partner with companies to achieve better business results
with our custom employee training & development.