Our Commitment

The DMC is committed to entering this initiative with the utmost integrity. We pledge to deliver on our engagements to businesses, the same standards with which we deliver our services to contracted clients. In addition, all accounts and services will be provided with honesty and transparency, including successes, failures, and scope.

Initial Launch

Our initial launch began with delivering services focusing on publication relations, communications, social content, marketing, employee engagement and employee experience™, stakeholder mapping and more. The commitment provided these startups and diverse companies the opportunities to have services delivered for three months, which were all successful.  As we continue to grow these pro-bono opportunities, we expect the DMC double in services with additional agencies engaging the clients through this wonderful partnership with Harlem Capital Partners.

Forbes EQ on BrandVoice

The Diversity Marketing Consortium recently announced a dynamic partnership with Forbes, which was fueled by the momentum and passion of Forbes’ Representation & Inclusion practice and standing as a testament to a decade-long evolution of BrandVoice.  Forbes EQ is dedicated to showcasing and amplifying representation and inclusion advocacy and action, providing a no-cost content marketing platform for underrepresented people, groups, businesses and organizations as part of that action.  All the contributing partners—both nonprofits and for-profits—spotlight innovative businesses and entrepreneurship and explore actions and ideas for systemic change to equitably pave the way to success.

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